Make Money Online 2018 | 5 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online

The great thing about internet is that it is a great way to get into business for yourself. It only requires an internet connection to start make money online. The online business can free you from the daily grind of a 8 to 4 job. It allow you to spent your life with your family.

And now a days there is many ways to make money online. And that is so easy to start your own online business. This requires little effort but no upfront investment. Now it is up to you that which way you chose for make money online.

Following are the top 5 realistic ways to make money online in Make Money Online2018.

Follwing are the best ways to make money online.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is still moving along in 2018. By uploading valuable content regularly on your blog you can earn like pro.You can also make your blog as a online store where you can sell your products and get revenue. To rank up your blog or site you should work on a single topic or specific niche and stick with it. Because by doing this your blog is considered that this is the best blog about the specific content for example, you write about how to make money online than you should work on that topic to get higher rank in search engines like Google etc.

So keep these tips in your mind to grow your blog.

  • Write clean and not copy past others content.
  • Use adsense to monetize your blog’s videos or other content.
  • Never use shortcuts to get more money.
  • Make your web design attractive and good.

so by doing hard work you get your blog rank no 1.

Online Smart work

  1. YouTube Channel

The top YouTubers make million dollars each year.

Take an example. Everybody on YouTube knows PewDiePie who is made approximately 14 millions dollars playing games doing fun. Filming himself and among other things. But you do not need Millions views to make money.

You have an idea of making videos. You can make videos on traveling , unboxing , music, comedy and the list is long. Millions of peoples visit YouTube daily.

So how make money online with YouTube.

  • Make YouTube channel where you upload your videos to public.
  • Upload videos regularly. Keep a schedule so you can increase your subscribers.
  • Be sure to define your video in description.
  • Share your video with friends and ask them to share it on Social Media. Like Facebook, Twitter , Whatsapp etc.
  • Respond the comments of viewers. Stay close to create fans.
  • And last very important. Monetize by allowing YouTube to server ads on your videos. When someone click on ad. You get benefit and you can make money online with YouTube.

Online Business

  1. Make android or ios Apps

In 21st century mobile phone become the necessary part of our life. Someone have iPhone and someone have android phone but both require apps for specific work. Like for communication Social Media Apps like Facebook , Whatsapp etc.

So you can also develop an android app and make money online easily. So you have to a nice idea about app. You can make both android mobile app. And Apple iPhone app by doing this your download will increase and you get paid more. App developers make lot of money.

So now question arises. How make money online from an app.

  • Make a cool app with high quality content.
  • Publish it on stores like Google Play store or Appstore.
  • Make Ad-mob Account and add your app to add-mob to start monetizing on your app.
  • Share your app in social media to gain more downloads.
  • Please read policies of adsense account carefully.

Don’t do these things in your app

  • Self clicks
  • Usage of VPN to increase your cpc.
  • Auto impression etc to protect your account.

Online Business

  1. Selling Your Products

Everybody buy things online from online stores like ,Amazon E bay, OLX etc. So you can sell your things online by contacting these stores. And make money online easily. If you have electronics shop you can sell your appliances online and make money online. Now a days everyone wants that he can make money online to do this you should work hard. So you have to place your unit ad on trending stores.

  • Select a store where you put your ad.
  • You have to do signup for start your charming business on the go.
  • That’s it how you made first shining website.
  1. Selling Ebooks

The internet blown apart the traditional publishing world. The publishing of books disturb due to spreading of internet. These days electronic books are available on the stores due to high demand. What you have to do just pay, buy eBooks. Enjoy them on your bed or while traveling. Due to presence in your smart phone or laptop. eBooks in just about every genre sell in the millions each year.

Take Mark Dawson ,who self-published his crime thrillers series on Amazon and is now making in the millions every year. Due to presence in your smart phone or laptop book reading is easy every where.

  • You can publish your own book due to there high demand.
  • This is more paying due to more interest of peoples in reading.
  • Due to some reasons it is more beneficial than other methods.

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